If you want to create your own custom design, you’ll need to get a little bit into 3D CAD/CAM software, called boardCAD. This is a great and relatively easy piece of open source software created by Ola Helenius, Jonas Hörnstein and Håvard Jakobsen.

If you want us to make two 2D cuts of your design, please follow these steps.

1. Open boardCAD & Instructions.

Go to the boardCAD section to download the CAD/CAM software, manuals, board-dummy’s etc.

2. Play with it.

See the section shape theorem for general boardshape knowledge, interesting links and much more.

3. Export & Save as.

Export your project as DXF polylines, as profile and as outline.

4. Email us.

In your email please provide us with your boardCAD file (*.brd), the profile and outline (*.dxf) as instructed in step 3. More importantly, email us the exact length, and give her a name!

Send the files to northseablanks@gmail.com.

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